Port Harbor Marine Boat Club at Spring Point Marina

The PHM Boating Club is a membership only boating club providing a variety of size and style boats for its members to use for water skiing, tubing, fishing, and cruising. At a fraction of the cost and without the obligations of ownership the PHM Boating Club introduces an unprecedented value to the lifestyle of boating. We take care of everything before you arrive and after you leave. It’s like a valet service for people who love the water.

As a member, you will get:

Unlimited use of Boat Club boats. It’s like owning your own boat without the headaches (registration, insurance, slip fees, storage, maintenance, and repairs). You pay for the gas you use.

Access to a wide selection of boats. Boats ranging in sizes from 19ft.to 28 ft. and styles from an aluminum skiff to a cabin cruiser to a ski boat to a center console fishing boat.

Access to Sebago Lake and Casco Bay.

Unlimited member guests. Take as many friends out as you want. (Limited to boat occupancy safety rating).

Boating safety courses for beginners to give you confidence no matter what level of experience you have.